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Preschool Pods

Engage Education Guides create exciting learning experiences for our early explorers every day! Each day learners will work on key developmental skills, practice social emotional learning, and will safely explore in our innovative learning spaces.

From art, to group reading and discussion, to science labs, and bonding activities, our supportive learning environment and  tight-knit community makes education fun and engaging.

Check out our FAQ's to see how we make school awesome.

Early Explorer Activities


What is a Pod?

A pod is a small learning group where homeschool students are matched with a tutor who can support their academics by answering their questions and providing further explanation.


Who leads the pods?

Each pod is matched with a tutor who has their teaching certification or equivalent experience.* All of our tutors undergo an annual background check. We provide ongoing education for our tutors in Social Emotional Learning, Emotional Intelligence, incorporating cultural learning in the classroom, and curriculum development and planning.


*Equivalent experience is determined by the owner at Engage Education, LLC.

What are the ratios?

Our preschool pods max out at 6 explorers. Our 6:1 student to teacher ratio allows us to customize our activities to meet each learners' needs.

What ages are in the preschool pods?

We are currently accepting applications for 3 & 4 year olds (age 3 by October 2023).

How does enrollment work?

Our pods take place Monday-Friday 9AM-1PM.

You can enroll for any 3-5 days out of the week!

Application Fee: $100

  • The application fee is per family.

  • This is a one time non-refundable fee.

  • Following reviewing your application, a time will be schedule to meet with the parent/guardian and the student to make sure it is a good match.

Registration Fee: $300

  • This is a one time non-refundable fee to hold your place in a pod learning group. The registration fee will be credited and applied to your balance once the session fee is posted.

What is the Tuition?

Tuition is based on the amount of days you enroll in.

5 days per week:    $14,500

4 days per week:    $13,340

3 days per week:    $10,440

*Engage Education, LLC. reserves the right to change the prices at any point.

What dates do the pods meet?


(561) 206-2552


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