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Engage Education
Pod Learning & Tutoring Services

At Engage Edu we strive to make school exciting! By offering small group learning pods, we can help customize your child's curriculum to meet their educational needs, make the lessons exciting, and provide students with a space for socialization. From weekly project-based learning to creative approaches, our supportive environment is sure to keep your child engaged every day!

We are almost ready to launch! Stay in the know about our pods and Homeschool Curriculum Assistance.

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Science Class
Raising Hands
Technology Class

Benefits of POD Learning for Homeschoolers                            Socialization & group discussions  
        Social Emotional Learning
        Enrichment activities

        Families with similar interests  

        Support of a Certified Teacher 

        Progress monitoring and feedback from a Certified Teacher

        No standardized tests

        Self-paced lessons & parent-selected curriculum 

        Engaging project-based learning

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